An Innovative Tool for Legal Research

Availability of accurate legal content for research is a challenge faced by many individuals browsing for information. The pre-requisite for the process is going through piles of data and documents. Finally, when the researcher reaches his destination, they are so mentally exhausted that they are able to spend only a small amount of time on analyzing the data.

BDLex aims to transform this process and gives the researcher more time for analyzing the data by minimizing the time and effort required for the research process by using intuitive tools and innovative technology. At BdLex, we strive to ensure availability of an exhaustive database for our users.

Our aim is to solve each and every problem a user might come across while performing a legal research. We incorporate in our database all of the judgments by the Apex Court, High Courts along with the Tribunals and Commissions. We also include circulars and notifications issued by the Government of Bangladesh.

Our portal is used by individuals coming from various fields including corporate, finance, tax as well as by law students. We provide another unique feature i.e. hyper-linking and cross-referencing facility. This further ensures ease for our customers by simplifying their legal research process.

We offer ‘plans’ on an annual and daily basis. We also provide customization options which enable the users to design plans best suited for their needs. We try to ensure that our software is time and cost conducive.

Manupatra is known for its excellent delivery mechanism and BDLex, being designed by the same experts, embodies the same spirit. We try to maximize the output for the users and enable them to perform hassle-free research.

We intend to provide assistance to our users at every step. Our website ensures seamless and effortless research process. Join BDLex today and let us assist you in your legal research – enabling you to invest time on analyzing data rather than procuring it.