The Use of Online Legal Database

Lawyers and paralegals are required to perform a lot of research in state, local and federal jurisdictions. This entire procedure is quite time consuming as it requires accessing the different courts across the country. However, the legal research procedure can be made easier and more convenient if the lawyers and legal practitioners make their way towards using an online legal database for the same. The availability of online legal databases has made it easier for the lawyers and paralegals to access reliable, inclusive, fresh and quick case data and information. This was a hard-to-achieve task previously.

Locating all-inclusive information in different jurisdictions, the researchers make convenient use of the online legal database. This gives them the best results. The key here is learning which database is the best for a specific purpose. It is also important for legal researchers to have an idea of the right procedure of using legal databases as per their abilities and strengths.

At BDLex, we aim to simplify the nitty-gritties of legal research. We understand the fact that legal research is a process that requires a lot of time and sincere efforts. A legal researcher has to go through a lot of data to streamline the relevant data. This process in itself takes substantial time for the researcher and leaves them with less time to analyze and draw context from the data available to them.

Manupatra is a well-recognized name and a trusted source for Indian Acts and Judgments. BDLex has used the same expertise in setting up a Bangladesh court record database. Our database covers all relevant acts and judgments without omissions and is considered a highly reliable source across the legal field. The research resources by BDLex are extensive and provide an in-depth reservoir for legal research as compared to other international databases.

The hyper linking facility is unique and one of the best features of our court database, ensuring ease of access to the users aiding in efficient and accurate legal research. Thus, we aim to work with researchers at every step of their research and simplify every step thereof.

Manupatra has been in the industry for nearly one and half decades now and has succeeded in providing a comprehensive database for Indian law students, practitioners as well as the judiciary. BDLex has developed its portal on the same lines as Manupatra to ensure ease of access for lawyers, law students, business professionals, litigants and any individual seeking legal information. Our mediums for providing data include both print and electronic media. We have also developed a mobile application providing access to our legal content, on the move, to remove limitations relating to time and geographical location.

Our database incorporates commentaries as well as editorial enhancements. We have a very exhaustive and comprehensive database that ensures availability of all relevant information required by a legal researcher.

Our expert teams have been working extensively for years to ensure high-quality content for our users. Professionals across various fields, ranging from a banking official, a lawyer, law students, NGOs, government organizations etc. rely on our database for their legal research needs. We are well-equipped to carry out both large-scale and small-scale research.

In a world where time defines success, Sign-up for a BDLex subscription today and get access to our extensive database, and become time efficient with your extensive legal research to achieve your professional goals with confidence.