Online Legal Resources

The struggles involved in finding a reliable legal resource cannot be underestimated. A majority of individuals are either deprived of such a resource or are dealing with unavailability of reliable content in case resources are available. The challenges faced by people in accessing legal information are pervasive. With this in mind, Bdlex aims to bring a change in this practice and provide its users with a database which they can successfully utilize for streamlining legal research.

Bdlex is an online legal resource which is extensively used by professionals, law firms, students and other individuals who require access to legal information. Bdlex’s database is wide enough to bring in its ambit any large scale research and legal analysis. We ensure availability and easy access of our content. Our subscription plans have been devised in a way that users can easily avail desired benefits in the most simplified manner. Our plans include daily as well as yearly subscription plans.

To make user-access even more simplified, we provide hyperlinks and cross-referencing features at various places. This enables users to access all relevant information from one place without using multiple tabs and separate searches. Our plans come with an option of customizations based on the needs and requirements of the user. The plans are cost and time effective in addition to being simple and coherent. Our database is so exhaustive and comprehensive that it almost guarantees an efficient and effective legal research experience.

Apart from judgments, state and central bare acts; we also provide commentaries. Further, our database also includes in its ambit precedents laid by the apex court, high courts, notifications and circulars issued by the government of India, orders of almost 32 tribunals and commissions and bills & ordinances. Further, we also incorporate the legal committee reports and state notifications issued by State Departments of various State Governments.

We also provide our users, articles on various legal subjects, legal dictionary and court calendars (Indian courts). An additional feature of our portal is the availability of international case laws ensuring that our users simultaneously access and understand the global outlook on the subject material. So invest in Bdlex and benefit from our extensive expertise and make your legal research seamless.