Carrying Out Proper Legal Research

Legal research is the procedure of researching past cases, legal statutes and legal precedents for law firms or lawyers. The information gathered by a legal researcher generally becomes an integral part of a lawyer’s presentation to a certain jury or to the motions filed by a lawyer. Previously, carrying out legal research involved spending several hours in the law libraries toiling away and poring over thick documents and law books. However, the entire procedure has gone through a massive change because of the introduction of the internet.

Through the internet has greatly changed the legal research procedure for lawyers and paralegals, still, this job requires patience, persistence and careful work. This is because most of the times the researchers actually do not know what they are searching for. Legal researchers need to work independently and be self-motivated at the same time. Legal research also involves preparing legal memos and documents on the part of the legal researchers.

Legal research can take up to enormous amount of time and energy. BDLex not only gives you means to access Bangladesh case laws online with ease, but also saves time and increases your efficiency. All of the content is hyperlinked and cross-referenced to help you find what you’re looking for with speed and accuracy. The insight and range of content available allows you to excel at every stage of your research and analysis. BDLex has reinvented legal research by including intuitive and smarter legal research tools with database access, thus, strengthening a lawyer’s practice. Its tools ensure that users spend their time analyzing information and in context, and not just gather it. Sophisticated legal research tools to search law cases database in Bangladesh have been brought to the masses by BDLex.

BDLex is Bangladesh’s premier legal information resource. It is designed to be used by a wide variety of users across Legal, Educational, Finance, Tax, Accounting, Corporate, Risk Management, Banks, Consulting, Government, Law Enforcement, Intellectual Property, Media markets and others. It is the fastest growing company in legal publishing and is reckoned as the pioneer in online legal research in Bangladesh. With primary documents and proprietary analytical content covering commentaries, treatises, digests, editorial enhancements, BDLex has created the largest and most comprehensive online resource of relevant case laws in Bangladesh.

The Company has an integrated approach to the information needs of its target audience – a service based solution includes customized content integrated with personalized tools, training and support. It brings forth new efficiency and unparalleled results to research efforts. It provides value-added information that is relevant, timely, customized and consistent.

BDLex has provided a single point of source for accessing diverse law cases database in Bangladesh that helps users make critical decisions. A digital resource such as BDLex is an ideal solution, which takes no rack space to store, is not machine specific and thus, can be used from anywhere; the search interfaces facilitate your research and get you the requisite documents in a matter of minutes. BDLex is built on the same cutting-edge technology that powers Manupatra’s database and embodies the very dedication that has kept us at the forefront of legal research. BDLex’s database is extensively used by academics, corporations, and government or private practitioners. Our consumer-centric approach inspires confidence in not only our database, but also its utility as a reliable and modern research tool.